Connecting the World of Spirits with Advanced Technology

The Bitstillery Group is a dynamic group of four distinct entities, Moving Spirits, A2BC Duty Free, Bitstillery IT Services and Springtime Foundation.

With a shared vision, years of experience, and a commitment to excellence, we are innovating the spirits wholesale distribution industry by seamlessly integrating advanced IT technology into every aspect of our business.

Bitstillery Group: Meet our Family

Moving Spirits

Independent International Wholesaler of A-brand spirits

At Moving Spirits, we take pride in being an independent international wholesaler specializing in A-branded spirits. With an extensive network and a unique position in the market, we have the ability to source A-branded spirits from around the world. In fact, our impressive inventory boasts over 2,000 different brands and counting.

We offer independent entrepreneurs in the spirits business a refreshing alternative. We understand the challenges they face. That is why we provide the opportunity to purchase mixed orders from stock, immediately available, at highly competitive prices.

Duty Free Online B2B Travel Retail Sales

A2BC Duty Free supplies Business to Business customers. Our customers are worldwide, active in duty free & travel retail distribution channels.

Based in the Netherlands, we have direct connections to a wide variety of suppliers and also to one of the biggest ports in the world. This gives us the possibility to transport goods to every part on the globe within the shortest time possible.

End-to-End IT Infrastructure Services.

Bitstillery is an IT company that provides end-to-end IT infrastructure services for the spirits business. We also specialize in DevOps and offer support for security, networking, and other IT-related matters. 

Our goal is to develop high-quality software and work on advanced creative solutions. We take advantage of the latest developments in the software world. 

We are more than just an IT company - we are a team of innovative problem-solvers who are passionate about progress and movement. 

Contributing to a Better World

Contributing to a better world really sounds huge. Well, that shouldn't be. We advise you to stop wondering about what you can do, but start doing. We believe that small steps together can make a significant difference. Our desire to contribute to a better world led to the creation of the Springtime Foundation.

The Springtime Foundation gives meaning to our work and our entrepreneurship. We actively support local communities through charitable events, volunteerism and partnerships with local non-profit organizations. 

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